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Saturday, January 29th, 2011

With Peter Skerry of Boston College—one of the nation’s leading experts on immigration and assimilation—we have established a private working group to address the challenges of Muslim integration. This project seeks to bring together a select group of interested and knowledgeable individuals (Muslims and non‐Muslims) to explore areas of difference as well as common perspectives.


Peter Skerry, “Memorial Day with Muslims,” Telegram, June 6, 2012. The annual convention of the Islamic Circle of North America reveals how even Islamists  are adapting to American life in encouraging ways, but they have yet to address the political realities of life in America.

Peter Skerry, “The Muslim-American Muddle,” National Affairs, Fall 2011. A decade after 9/11, America has reached a political and intellectual stalemate regarding the Muslims in its midst. Many Americans continue to fear their Muslim neighbors and fellow citizens, if not as potential terrorists then as terrorist sympathizers—or, more generally, as the bearers of an alien culture shared by America’s enemies.

Peter Skerry and Gary Schmitt, “Why won’t media—or Muslims—address Islamism in America?,” Christian Science Monitor, March 10, 2011. America’s freedoms aren’t in danger from Islamists. But we can’t ignore Islamist influences on Muslim-American organizations. It is not enough for Muslims here simply to assert their rights but also to address questions whose continued neglect fuels understandable anxieties.

Peter Skerry and Gary Schmitt, “Silence from Muslim-Americans,” Boston Globe, January 29, 2011. Amid the uproar earlier this month over the assassination of Salmaan Taseer, the secularist governor of the Pakistani province of Punjab, Muslim-American organizations have been largely silent. At a time when mainstream Muslim leaders have been trying to demonstrate their embrace of religious tolerance and pluralism to their fellow Americans, few have had a word to say about this People’s Party leader whose denunciation of Pakistan’s draconian blasphemy law led to his death at the hands of a Muslim zealot—a zealot who has since been celebrated by fundamentalists around the globe.