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Teaching America

America’s Broken Civics Education System

In a time when both immigration and education reform are in the public spotlight, AEI’s Christine Hoff Sommers stresses the need to create informed and attached citizens, both foreign and native-born. In an op-ed  in The American, Hoff Sommers argues that schools have drifted away from “the self-confident teaching of American history in our nation’s schools. “


Action Civics: Round II

On Tuesday, we highlighted some differing responses to the Education Department’s new report, “Advancing Civic Learning and Engagement in Democracy.” Much of the debate centers around how much schools (and the federal government) should focus on traditional classroom civics education (emphasizing knowledge about government and American democracy, e.g.) versus a newer model of “action civics,” which focuses on civic participation and service learning.

Yesterday, Teaching America editor David Feith entered the fray.


Recommended Event: Teaching America

Next Monday, January 9, at 9:30 a.m., the Brookings Institution will host a discussion of Teaching America: The Case for Civic Education. As you may remember, we hosted our own discussion of the book in September (re-cap and video highlights here).

At next week’s Brookings’ event, David Feith (editor) will provide opening remarks, John Bridgeland (President and CEO of Civic Enterprises) will deliver the keynote address, and Teaching America contributors Seth Andrew (Democracy Prep), Peter Levine (CIRCLE), and Adm. Michael Ratliff (Jack Miller Center) will discuss their plans to strengthen civic education. Brookings Senior Fellow William Galston will moderate.

For more information about the event–and to register–head over to the event page. We hope to see you there!