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Robert Pondiscio

Challenges for Civic Education

With reduced funding and plummeting exam scores, civic education is in a state of great turmoil. In an interview with Michael Shaughnessy of Education News, Robert Pondiscio outlines the problems facing a disengaged nation and suggests some solutions.


New Study Links Civic Engagement with Income Mobility

In a post for CitizenshipFirst, Robert Pondiscio outlines the results of a nationwide study that analyzed the factors contributing to income mobility in the United States. In addition to geographic regions having vastly different rates of income mobility, the study found that communities that were more civically engaged were more likely to support income mobility.


What would a national civics standard look like?

In The Atlantic, Robert Pondiscio, executive director of CitizenshipFirst, suggests that a ground-floor civics standard that must be met by all graduating students from high school is in order—and that the US Citizenship Test is just the place to start. Writing shortly after the release of his white paper for the Pioneer Institute (coauthored with Gilbert T. Sewall and Sandra Stotsky)—“Shortchanging the Future: The Crisis of History and Civics in American Schools”—Pondiscio laments the crisis in civic education and civic knowledge today, but thinks that setting a modest standard like the Citizenship Test would be more helpful than establishing more high-stakes testing or overhauling state standards.