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Rita Koganzon

Educating students for liberty

In last week’s edition of the Hoover Institution’s Defining IdeasMark Blitz, a professor of political philosophy at Claremont McKenna College, looks at the challenge of encouraging a liberal education that aims for excellence in a land that is devoted to equality and liberty. Does conserving liberty in a democratic regime necessarily mean an overall decline to an equality of mediocrity? What is the role of primary and secondary schools in educating students for liberty?


Is liberal education civic education?

Over at his “Rightly Understood” blog at Big Think, Peter Lawler, a professor of government at Berry College, takes a look at what a liberal education means for citizenship. Though his focus is on education in colleges and universities, his points  are equally applicable in understanding the civic aim of primary and secondary schools.


New report: Educating for Liberty?

In the second in a series of policy briefs by AEI’s Program on American Citizenship, Rita Koganzon, a graduate student in government at Harvard University, takes a look at some of the shortcomings of contemporary civic education theories.