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Muslim American Muddle

Event re-cap: Muslim-American Muddle

In his National Affairs article “The Muslim-American Muddle,” Peter Skerry argued that since 9/11, “America has reached a political and intellectual stalemate regarding the Muslims in its midst,” and that both elites and the general public misunderstand, for better or worse, the challenges Islam poses to America.


Event reminder: The Muslim-American Muddle

In The Weekly Standard, Program director Gary Schmitt questions whether the prosecution of Tarek Mehanna, a pharmacy college graduate, on various terrorism-related charges squares with our commitment to free speech:

On the face of it, the government’s case against the Massachusetts Muslim for lying to government investigators and conspiring to kill American soldiers abroad was sufficiently strong to ensure a conviction. The more problematic element of the case, however—and what makes it of interest from the point of view of constitutional law—was whether his advocacy activities constituted punishable “material support” to a terrorist organization (weapons, money, training, or expert assistance, for example) or whether they were speech protected by the First Amendment.

How can America respond to the threat of domestic Islamist terrorism while protecting civil liberties? 


Mid-week roundup

A mid-week roundup: