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ConText: crowd sourcing Madison’s Notes of the Constitutional Convention

On Friday, the Brookings Institution and the Center for the Constitution at James Madison’s Montepelier launched a new project that aims to bring to life Madison’s Notes of the Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787. As Brookings’ Benjamin Wittes explains, “The result is ConText, which launched [on Friday], Madison’s birthday. Organized like the Talmud, ConText surrounds the Notes with layers of commentary—commentary on the history (what was going on in the room), current events (how these events relate to current politics), theoretical and philosophical issues, and subsequent constitutional interpretation and dispute. Like Wikipedia, that commentary will be written by a scholarly community that develops around ConText: historians, constitutional scholars and practitioners, and interested students and lay people. Both the text and the commentary are fully searchable.”


Mid-week roundup

What’s happening in the citizenship world? Here’s a mid-week roundup of recent tidbits we found interesting: