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From Marine to Citizen

In an inspiring display of patriotism, one decorated Marine became a U.S. citizen last week in a Special Naturalization Ceremony presided over by Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew. Lance Cpl. Nicolas Alvarado Lopez, a native of Ecuador, served in the Marines for two years prior to earning his citizenship.


“We like to leave that situation better than we we got there…”

Writing earlier this week in the U-T San Diego newspaper, Lisa Deaderick profiles the journey of an inspiring Marine at the University of San Diego. Gunnery Sgt. Gabriel Adibe enlisted in the Marine Corps in June of 2001 out of a desire to serve his country, and he saw the Marines as a group that can make a difference: “When we go into a situation, we like to leave that situation better than we we got there.” After serving as a logistician in the Marines–where he has been deployed to both Indonesia and Afghanistan—in 2009, as part of the Marine Enlisted Commissioning Education Program, Adibe started attending the University of San Diego, where he participates in ROTC.