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Liberal education

Liberal Education and Civic Engagement

In this weekend’s “Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson”, authors and Weekly Standard contributors Joseph Epstein and Andrew Ferguson discussed the value of a liberal arts education. Amid declining enrollment in typical liberal arts courses and slashed program budgets, Epstein and Ferguson explained the concrete benefits of the once-popular department. Without liberal arts education, American society may lose its aspirational character, Ferguson argues.


Is liberal education civic education?

Over at his “Rightly Understood” blog at Big Think, Peter Lawler, a professor of government at Berry College, takes a look at what a liberal education means for citizenship. Though his focus is on education in colleges and universities, his points  are equally applicable in understanding the civic aim of primary and secondary schools.


The book that drove them crazy

Celebrating the release of a new 25th anniversary edition of Allan Bloom’s Closing of the American Mind: How Higher Education Has Failed Democracy and Impoverished the Souls of Today’s Students, Andrew Ferguson argues in The Weekly Standard that Bloom’s diagnosis still holds true–that America’s colleges are still not preparing their students for lives well-lived as citizens.