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Civic engagement and the economy

The other week at National Journal, Steve Peha wrote that “Mere learning is now passé; a well-paying job is the true 21st century diploma. Civics and things like the Arts are no longer ‘must haves’ but ‘nice to haves’; soon they will become “not haves”; and if we allow it, they will be ‘never haves’ for many students in many public schools. This progression seems to me antithetical to the future health of our children and of our society.”


Education 2012

Last week, AEI hosted a panel discussion to talk about “What the Election year Will Mean for Education Policy.” As the event summary notes, “the panel touched on a number of key education issues in this election year, ranging from the reauthorization of the No Child Left Behind Act to the impact of the Obama administration’s reform agenda to the president’s State of the Union vision for containing college tuition prices and raising the high school dropout age to 18.”