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Democracy Prep and Civic Education

The Civic Transformation of Harlem Schools

Seth Andrew, the founder of Democracy Prep Charter School, was nominated for the Hometown Hero in Education Award from the New York Daily News for his work in transforming schools in Harlem. Since founding his first school in 2005, Andrew has created seven others dedicated to preparing responsible and engaged citizens, writes Ben Chapman in the Daily News.


AEI Report: Charter Schools as Nation Builders: Democracy Prep and Civic Education

Charter Schools as Nation Builders: Democracy Prep and Civic Education
By Daniel Lautzenheiser and Andrew P. Kelly
(January 16, 2013)

On a sunny Tuesday in June, the streets of Harlem, New York City, are filled with the usual midday crowd hustling in and out of subway stations and eating hurried lunches. One thing they are most decidedly not doing is voting. And this is a disappointment for a small army of schoolchildren dressed in bright yellow shirts.

The students in yellow attend one of the charter schools in the Democracy Prep Public Schools network and, with the help of their teachers and several parent volunteers, are waging a Get Out the Vote (GOTV) campaign. The occasion is the Democratic congressional primary for New York’s 15th Congressional District, which encompasses upper Manhattan (including Columbia University, Washington Heights, and Harlem) and surrounding locales. Congressional primaries are typically low-turnout affairs in which incumbents have a massive advantage.

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