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The Dangers of Cutting Civics Testing

Last month, the “nation’s report card” eliminated civics testing for 4th and 12th graders under the auspices of budget cuts, while introducing new testing programs designed to assess students’ Internet literacy. In an op-ed in the Christian Science Monitor, Gary Schmitt and Cheryl Miller explain why these cuts to civics education are so worrisome.


Civics Education Fights Back

In the midst of cuts to civic education budgets nationwide, the Academy of Arts and Sciences released a report arguing that a citizenry with a strong humanities and social studies education is crucial to the country’s future.


Extending Civics Education, One School District at a Time

With the majority of high schoolers’ civics knowledge below proficient, one school district in Pennsylvania is looking to revamp its curriculum. Pocono Mountain School District will implement a new full-year civics requirement for its 10th grade class starting this fall, and will rely on the U.S. citizenship test as a benchmark for the curriculum.


Civics education: Why it matters to democracy, society, and you

On April 1, Harvard Law School and the Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools is hosting an all-day conference on civics education. Among the names that will be presenting include Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and Justice David Souter (both retired from the Supreme Court), Peter Levine (CIRCLE), Gene Koo (iCivics),  Martha Kanter (US Department of Education), Ted McConnell (Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools), and Scott Warren (Generation Citizen)—and many others.