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Cheryl Miller

Bridging the Gap

A new film about America’s civil-military divide is in the final stages of production, and it’s worth checking out. “Bridging the Gap” explores the disconnect that members of the public and members of the military feel with each other. As the film makers note, “It’s not that Americans don’t like the military – they love it! They just don’t have a clue who’s in it, what one does, what it costs them, or costs those that joint it. Military service has become something other people do.”


States reduce focus on social studies, civics

Over at the Heartlander, Rachel Sheffield, an education research assistant at the Heritage Foundation, interviews the Program on American Citizenship’s Cheryl Miller about the state of civic education in American schools and the promise of charter schools when it comes to civics. Miller notes that “states say civic education is important, but very few test on it. […] That communicates something to teachers, administrators, parents, and students about the importance of this subject.”


No more urban officers?

Drawing on Cheryl Miller’s 2011 report “Underserved: A Case Study of ROTC in New York City,” Colin Daileda takes a look in The Atlantic at the hurdles ROTC cadets in the nation’s largest city must face to participate in the officer training program.


Eisenhower memorial criticism all around

As criticism of the proposed memorial has grown, so too have attacks on the critics. Writing in the Architectural Record about the Program’s recent event on memorials, Ben Adler characterized the monument’s critics as simply conservative “curmudgeons” who will “always revile Modernism for both ideological and aesthetic reasons.”

Responding to Adler in the same journal, the Program’s Gary Schmitt and Cheryl Miller write, “In defending architectural Modernism, Adler falls into the very trap he warns against.”