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Constitutional Statesmanship: A New Project of AEI’s Program on American Citizenship

Monday, June 15th, 2015

What does it mean to be governed by a constitution? How does the Constitution shape and influence our politics and the character of our polity? Constitutional Statesmanship explores the principled roots, meaning, and development of the Constitution throughout history by examining how our most prominent statesmen address key issues within and guided by America’s founding document.


Created by AEI’s Program on American Citizenship, the Constitutional Statesmanship e-curriculum is a rich source of materials compiled to aid both teacher and student in the classroom instruction and learning of American history, government, civics, and social studies. This collection of primary source documents paired with video discussions highlights constitutional themes and challenges as experienced by key statesmen in our history. It seeks to educate both hearts and minds about American political principles, ideals, identity, and national character, and the virtues and aspirations of our civic life.

Constitutional Statesmanship is an innovative tool for supplementing existing civics curricula while preparing students for college-level coursework.

Abraham Lincoln and the Constitution is the first topic in the ongoing Constitutional Statesmanship series.