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Slavery and the Constitution: An immoral compromise?

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

2013 marks both the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation as well as the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. In an effort to understand the complex legacy of slavery from our nation’s founding,  AEI’s Program on American Citizenship will host the second annual Walter Berns Constitution Day Lecture, featuring Michael Zuckert, professor at the University of Notre Dame. The lecture, “Slavery and the Constitution: An immoral compromise?” will examine the “pro-” and “anti-slavery” interpretations of the Constitutional Convention.

Zuckert serves as the department chair and Nancy R. Dreux Professor of Political Science at Notre Dame. He is an expert in constitutional law and political theory, having published numerous works on American political thought including Natural Rights and the New Republicanism, the Natural Rights Republic, and Launching Liberalism, and (with Catherine Zuckert).

For information on last year’s Walter Berns Constitution Day Lecture which featured Michael McConnell discussing “Spending, Public Debt, and Constitutional Design,” see the full video available here.

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