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2013 Civic Data Challenge

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Civic Data Challenge Source NCOCThe National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC) has recently launched its second annual Civic Data Challenge, a national competition to transform raw data on the nation’s civic health into applications and visualizations that can be used by community leaders and engaged citizens. Because the applications are meant to be of use in actual communities, each entry must have a community partner to ensure that the product is meeting a real community need. This year, the challenge has been divided into three phases: ideation, creation, and implementation.

The NCoC has more:

  • Ideation (April 11–May 19)The “Ideation” phase is the time to identify community needs that can be addressed through the use of civic data, to brainstorm, and to share your ideas. The goal of this phase is to ensure that the Civic Data Challenge is responsive to community needs and that the resulting tools are useful and sustainable.

    We’re calling upon partners and participants to submit an idea for an app or visualization that can be informed by civic data and used to improve a community’s civic health. Ideas will be reviewed and promoted based on how well they meet the mission of the Challenge. Popular ideas and common themes will be used to define the categories of the Challenge in the “Creation” phase.

  • Creation (May 24–July 28)Participants will build an entry – informed by civic health data – which meets one of the defined categories of the Challenge.

    Participants are encouraged to form teams in order to take advantage of a wide-spectrum of skills and abilities. The Civic Data Challenge team knows that not even super heroes can do it on their own, so we don’t just suggest you team-up, we encourage it! Special consideration in judging will be given to entries that were developed through collaboration.

    Participants must identify and collaborate with a community partner in order to ensure their product is meeting a real community need. A community partner is an institutional entity with some level of credibility and capacity to offer perspective on a community or social issue. Examples include community foundations, government, nonprofits, and local businesses. Participants must have a community partner in order to become a finalist. This collaboration will be a central component of advancing to the “Implementation” phase and competing for grand prizes. Starting in the Creation phase, we will offer assistance in matching teams with community partners. . . .

  • Implementation(Late August / Early September–November 15)Finalists will work with community partners to pilot their products in a community and improve them.

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