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Usain Bolt stops interview for American national anthem

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Here’s a fun, patriotic story for your Thursday morning that reminds us why we like the Olympics so much: Shortly after winning his 100 meter semi-final race at the Olympics earlier this week, the Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt–widely touted as the fastest sprinter in history–stopped an interview with a TV reporter in order to pay respect to the U.S. national anthem.

According to Nine MSN:

The Jamaican sprinter was talking to a Spanish journalist after winning the semi-final in London on Monday.

At the same time US athlete Sanya Richards-Ross was being awarded her first Olympic gold medal for winning the 400m.

As soon as the opening bars of the anthem began Bolt politely asked “can we cut the interview?”

At first the reporter seemed confused but when Bolt gestured toward the medal presentation she quickly said “oh yes … sorry, sorry”.

Bolt then turned and watched in silence as the anthem played for Richards-Ross.

As soon as the song finished he turned around and finished the interview.

Bolt went on to win the 100m sprint in 9.63 seconds.

Watch the full video here.