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Mid-week roundup

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Some recent news happenings in the world of citizenship:

  • Samoans seek U.S. citizenship: The Wall Street Journal reports that “everyone born in a U.S. state or territory automatically gets U.S. citizenship–unless one happens to be born in American Samoa.” Though leaders in American Samoa have “rebuffed efforts to extend American citizenship, partly out of fear it would lead the U.S. to challenge the territory’s unique communal land-ownership rules,” five American Samoans have recently filed a federal lawsuit against the U.S. government to gain automatic citizenship for the islanders.
  • With the November elections approaching, CIRCLE’s Peter Levine takes a look at some different ways people view the right to vote. Is voting just an individual right? A voluntary duty of citizenship? An obligation that should be enforced in some way?
  •  At Vanity Fair, Paul Goldberger defends Frank Gehry’s proposed Eisenhower Memorial, connecting its modernism with that of the Vietnam Wall: “There is no question that classicism is richer and more versatile an architectural language than many modernists believe it to be, and that it will never, in one sense, be passé. The Lincoln Memorial alone is proof of that. But if the success of Maya Lin’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial means anything, it is how necessary it is to continue to invent as well as to be willing to learn from the past, and how new models of memorial design can, under the right circumstances, be both moving and beautiful.”