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Truant From School: History, Science, and Art

Monday, March 12th, 2012

We’ve noted before that many teachers think that the emphasis on testing in language arts and math is crowding out learning in other subject areas such as civics and social studies. For our friends in the D.C . area, later this week Common Core will be hosting a panel discussion on the topic:

Truant From School: History, Science and Art

How marginalized are history, science, art, and other “core subjects” in the K-12 classroom? Will Common Core State Standards implementation be the death knell for anything but reading and math? Or, can the standards return these absentees to the classroom?

Join Common Core on Thursday, March 15th from 10:30 am to noon to hear experts discuss new data on curriculum narrowing and debate ideas for addressing this problem in the era of the CCSS.

Presenting at the event will be David Coleman, CEO, Student Achievement Partners and lead writer, Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts; Carol Jago, Director, California Reading and Literature Project at UCLA; Lewis Huffman, Education Associate for Social Studies, South Carolina Department of Education; Steve Farkas, President, FDR Group; and Lynne Munson, President and Executive Director, Common Core.

To register or to learn more, click here.