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More ROTC options for Harvard and Rutgers

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Sec. Ray Mabus and Rutgers president Richard McCormick

More good news on the ROTC front: as the Boston Globe reports, “six months after welcoming Naval ROTC back to campus, Harvard University is making space for an Army ROTC unit as well.” Like their NROTC counterparts, Harvard’s Army ROTC cadets will participate in an existing program–the Paul Revere Battalion–based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Army will also have access to Harvard’s classrooms and athletic fields, and it will have an office at the University for the battalion’s professor of military science to hold office hours.

And, as we noted in December, Rutgers University is starting a Navy ROTC unit–an agreement made official yesterday as University president Richard McCormick and U.S. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus signed an agreement to bring NROTC to campus beginning in September. The opening of the program will mark the first time since 1972 (when Princeton discontinued its program) that New Jersey students will have the opportunity to participate in NROTC. Read more about the Rutgers program here.