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Using the 2012 election to teach citizenship in your classroom

Monday, February 27th, 2012

At the blog for Joseph Bessette and John Pitney’s textbook American Government and Politics: Deliberation, Democracy and Citizenship, John Pitney has a roundup of some good tools for teachers to use during the 2012 election cycle to teach students citizenship lessons. In addition to the sources he lists, we’d also point out that the lessons at What So Proudly We Hail provide good historical and literary background to the importance of democratic participation. Check out this lesson on Edward Everett Hale’s short story “The Man without a Country,” for example. And, just as a reminder, we have compiled a “Teacher’s Guide to Civics Education on the Web,” available on our website.

Here are some sources and teaching ideas that Pitney points out:

Congress Class and Congress Simulation:

Presidential Elections

Public Opinion and Political Ideology

Campaign Finance

Video and Primary Sources

Read the rest of his list here.