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Calling all civics practitioners

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

The fourth annual Summer Institute of Civic Studies is now accepting applications! A two-week, interdisciplinary seminar at Tisch College, Tufts University, the Institute is organized by Peter Levine (CIRCLE) and Karol Soltan (University of Maryland). The program will bring together graduate students, faculty, and practitioners from various fields of study to discuss:

  • What kinds of citizens (if any) do regimes need?
  • What should such citizens know, believe, and do?
  • What institutional structures and practices promote the right kinds of citizenship?
  • What ought to be the relationships among empirical evidence, ethics, and strategy?

The Institute will take place from July 9-10, 2012 on the Tufts campus in Medford, MA.

For more information and to apply, visit the Institute’s page here.