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Mid-week roundup

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Mid-week Roundup:

  • Happy 375th  birthday to the National Guard (yesterday)! Watch this video to learn more about the Guard, its founding and history, and the crucial role it plays in defending America today.
  • Curious about what’s happening with the proposed Guard seat at the Joint Chiefs of Staff? This article provides some good background and updated news.
  • A good reminder from USA Today that the horrors and challenges of war aren’t simply physical, and don’t stop at the battlefield: the military divorce rate reached its highest level this year since 1999, with nearly 30,000 marriages ending in divorce in 2011.
  • As Peter Levine points out, the American Commonwealth Partnership (ACP) has unveiled its new website, DemocracyU. The site works to present students’ stories of civic activism, and holds discussion and debate on the role that students play in civic engagement and service. Check it out.