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Hiring Our Heroes (Pt. II)

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

In preparation for Veterans Day, President Obama announced earlier this week the creation of three new initiatives to help post-9/11 unemployed veterans find jobs. As we’ve discussed before, there are almost 1 million veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan that remain unemployed. The President remarked,

Over the past decade, nearly 3 million servicemembers have transitioned back to civilian life, joining the millions who have served through the decades. And as we end the war in Iraq and we wind down the war in Afghanistan, over a million more will join them over the next five years. Just think about the skills these veterans have acquired, often at a very young age. Think about the leadership that they’ve learned, the cutting-edge technologies that they’ve mastered, their ability to adapt to changing and unpredictable circumstances you just can’t get from a classroom. Think about how many have led others to life-and-death missions by the time they’re 25 or 26 years old.

This is exactly the kind of leadership and responsibility that every American business should be competing to attract. This is the kind of talent we need to compete for the jobs and industries of the future. These are the kinds of Americans that every company should want to hire.

The three new initiatives include:

1) A “Veterans Gold Card,” which will give post-9/11 veterans up to six months of personalized job search services at career centers across America;

2) An online database called “My Next Move for Veterans” to match veterans’ military experience and skills with civilian careers; and;

3) An online Veterans Job Bank to connect veterans with potential employers.

More information about the new initiatives can be found at the White House’s “Joining Forces” site. As we honor our nation’s veterans this week, consider sharing this information with a veteran you know.