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Remember: Victory in Japan Day

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Today marks the 66th anniversary of VJ day, the day when it was announced that Japan would surrender to the Allies and bring the horrors of World War II to a close. Though the United States will officially celebrate V-J day on September 2 (marking the signing of the formal surrender papers aboard the USS Missouri), sixty years ago today, the nation was in an celebratory uproar. The surrender came just three months before an invasion Japan was to begin in early November, 1945.

As Lazar Berman wrote for the Enterprise Blog,

V-J Day keeps alive the magnitude of the [end of World War II]. […] It is easy to forget how difficult and bloody the Pacific war was up until the very end, and the million Allied casualties that would have resulted from an invasion of the home islands. It was a war that opened with humiliating and painful setbacks, but the determination and courage of the U.S. armed forces and citizens slowly but surely turned the tide.The fact that the 1945 victory is receding into history along with the men who made it possible renders continued observance of V-J Day even more significant.

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