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ROTC’s NYC Boycott

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011


ROTC’s NYC Boycott
By Cheryl Miller
New York Post
June 8, 2011

Last month, Columbia University and the US Navy signed an agreement allowing the Reserve Officer Training Corps back onto campus for the first time since it was banned amid Vietnam War protests.

The re-embrace of ROTC by elite schools marks the end of a shameful chapter in our nation’s history. But ROTC cadets on these campuses—indeed, across much of the nation—still face serious obstacles to their aspiration to serve their country.

Columbia may have officially recognized Naval ROTC, but the program will have to make do with only an office on campus: Cadets must trek out to SUNY’s Maritime College in The Bronx—an hour’s commute each way by public transportation—for training.

Under such circumstances, Columbia ROTC can hardly be expected to prosper. A program that once occupied a central place on campus—at its height, the Columbia Corps of Midshipmen rivaled the US Naval Academy in size—will remain peripheral to student life, graduating just a handful of officers each year.

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