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True Americanism

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Yesterday, National Affairs magazine and the Hudson Institute’s Bradley Center for Philanthropy and Civic Renewal co-hosted the annual Bradley Symposium—an event devoted to a wonderful new anthology, What So Proudly We Hail: The American Soul in Story, Speech, and Song, edited by our own Leon Kass, his wife Amy, and Diana Schaub of Loyola College.

Joining Leon, Amy, and Diana to discuss a selection from the reader – Teddy Roosevelt’s speech, “True Americanism” – were a panel of luminaries: Harvey Mansfield, Charles Krauthammer, Robert P. George, Wilfred McClay, Senator Lamar Alexander, Daniel Henninger, Frank Hanna, Paul E. Singer, and Juan Williams.

The resulting discussion was lively and engaging as panelists hashed out questions of national identity, the American character, the role of civic education, and the virtues and aspirations of civic life. If you were unlucky enough to have missed it, you can watch it all at the link or after the jump.

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