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Stanford votes yes on ROTC return

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Last week, Stanford’s Faculty Senate approved ROTC’s return to campus with a 28-9-3 vote.  The Senate accepted all six recommendations proposed by the Ad Hoc Committee on ROTC in its report, Towards an on-campus ROTC program at Stanford University, and approved three amendments.

The report noted the importance of ROTC to the civil-military relationship:

We believe that institutions can learn from each other. Institutional disengagement is an unpromising way of generating the mutual criticism, respect, and understanding that would enable us to do precisely that.  For example, the Committee noted that some of the most trenchant arguments that were presented to us against ROTC were marred by naïve and derogatory stereotypes of the American military.  Unfortunately, such stereotypes are only to be expected given little contact between the military and our students, faculty, and staff.  The increased contact that would likely characterize an on-campus ROTC program will contribute, the Committee believes, in a small but significant way to reducing the perceived gap between the military and civil society in the USA.

The Yale faculty votes May 5 on ROTC.