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In the news: The Program on Columbia ROTC

Monday, April 25th, 2011

AEI’s Program on American Citizenship talks with the Wall Street Journal about why Naval ROTC at Columbia University is only a start to making ROTC a national program again:

The future of officer training at area universities depends in large part on the military, which is facing budget cuts. It has increasingly shifted its spending on ROTC out of big cities and toward big state schools in the South and Midwest, where there’s more space for training facilities and recruiting is easier.

That means the military is missing out on a pool of potential recruits who grew up in multicultural settings, valuable skills in today’s conflicts.

“You have these kids in New York and cultural competency is a way of life for them,” said Cheryl Miller of the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank. Ms. Miller plans to release a report this week calling on the military to spend more time and effort setting up ROTC programs in cities like New York and at more elite schools.

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