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Thursday, March 31st, 2011

The Program on American Citizenship has been in the news lately. Check us out at the following links:

Discussing the future of ROTC with the Christian Science Monitor,

Praising a new initiative by Dickinson College to strengthen the relationship between liberal arts colleges and military institutions,

and, last but not least, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan cites one of the key findings from our teacher survey in his remarks at the recent iCivics conference:

No one doubts that math, reading, writing, and science are vital components of a good education in today’s knowledge economy. But so, too, is the study of history and civics. And yet today, some teachers feel that schools concentrate on math and reading at the expense of teaching civics and government.

A recent survey found that 70 percent – 70 percent – of social studies teachers believe that their classes are a lower priority because of pressure to show progress on statewide math and language arts tests.

That’s unacceptable. Schools should not have to choose between teaching math, reading, and science, and civics, government, and history. This must be a “both/and” choice, not “either/or.” [emphasis mine.]