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Columbia’s ROTC opponents

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

From the Columbia Spectator, an amusing story about ROTC opponents who are feeling unduly chastised by the media storm over the treatment of Iraq veteran Anthony Maschek at a student forum. Members of the Coalition Against ROTC whine that the student forums “do not provide a safe space” and they are being smeared in the media as “being unpatriotic and harassing veterans.” None of them, however, seem to be aware that a good way not to be perceived as “harassing veterans” is not to harass veterans and to disavow those members of your group that do. It’s notable that not one person quoted in the article expresses any regret whatsoever about the incident in which anti-ROTC students called Maschek a “racist” and laughed at him. One student, Sumayya Kassamali, does call the incident “profoundly sad,” but only because it demonstrates a “lack of space for any criticism of the military.” Until the Coalition Against ROTC issues a strong statement denouncing the treatment of Anthony Maschek, reasonable people are going to come to the conclusion that they are in fact anti-military – they just don’t like being called on it.

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