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Service and Society

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

This Saturday, I spoke at a conference, “Service & Society: Higher Education & the Military,” organized by students at Columbia University.

It was a great event with some stand-out presentations, including a group of student veterans on why they joined up and military historian Donald Downs on his new book. Kudos to the Hamilton Society for putting it all together.

I  was on a panel with the super-knowledgeable Steve Trynosky. We talked about the ROTC and urban America–I gave a quick overview of the subject (largely drawn from my recent op-ed), and Steve focused on the state of affairs in New York City.

One thing I was surprised to learn at the conference is that it’s not just America that’s having the civil-military conversation. Canada is also debating the return of their ROTC–the Canadian Officer Training Corps–to the nation’s universities.

In case any one is curious, here are the slides from my presentation: ROTC and Urban America.

Image by Cjs2111.