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Robin Currie: In Defense of America the Beautiful… and the Beautiful Game

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

The tea isn’t good, and the chocolate’s like wax,
The beer isn’t stout, and the comedy’s lax;
They don’t “get” soccer and think it’s a plot
To undermine the world and put the Commies on top.

But America is so much better than that,
Than seeing goal-driven players as social democrats,
And the game so loved by these poor, enterprising lads
As something underhanded and dangerous and bad.

For America’s an idea, among the best thoughts of man,
Even to a Manchester United/Glasgow Rangers fan;
And because it’s a place with an exceptional spark,
Best light a candle and not curse the dark.

(Soccer primers: YouTube to watch (and watch again); DVD to rent.)

Robins Currie is a senior writer and editor at AEI.

Image by Nina Matthews Photography.

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